Skin ageing; wrinkles, roughness, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity, is largely due to damage caused by environmental factors such as UV light, air pollution, smoking, toxins etc. As we age these become more apparent on our skin and repeated exposures to these factors results in skin that is unable to maintain its structure and health due to the breakdown of collagen and decreased growth factors production. 

Active serum uses AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula to not only combat these signs of photo-ageing but to supplement the growth factors that the body can no longer produce. As a result the complexion becomes more youthful in appearance. 

AQ Active Serum 30ml


    • Helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines 

    • Aims to build collagen naturally 

    • Improves appearance of skin texture and pigmentation 

    • Can fade stubborn sun damage, age spots and scars