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Skin Moisture IQ is a science-led, 28-day smart supplement system uniquely formulated to hydrate dry or dehydrated skin from within. Our skin researchers have developed this 28 day pack with individual pods containing five supplements to encourage the appearance of hydrated*, smooth, supple and radiant skin across the whole body.  


Each pod contains a daily dose of the following skin supplements:

  • Skin Moisture Lock™ combines hyaluronic acid with ceramides in our patent-pending formula. Plumps, hydrates and supports younger looking skin from the inside out.
  • Skin Omegas+ two capsules synergising omega-3 fatty acids from sustainably sourced fish oil, omega-6 fatty acids from evening primrose oil and vitamin A.
  • Skin Vit A+ provides vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin A helps support skin cell renewal and maintain skin health*.
  • Skin Vitality contains vital co-factors for skin health* in a modern multivitamin comprising 28 evidence-backed ingredients. Including vitamins C, E, B2, B3, zinc and magnesium.


Suitable for all skin types seeking added hydration and radiance, particularly recommended for those with dry skin, dehydrated skin, disturbed skin barriers, thinning skin and skin impacted by cold weather or arid environments. Excellent to target parched skin on the face, arm legs, arms, neck and scalp.


*Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin

Skin Moisture IQ

    • Multi-layered skin hydration and comfort 
    • For smooth, hydrated, supple and radiant skin  
    • Works to support the skin barrier
    • Head to toe treatment, including scalp 
    • Promotes youthful-looking skin*
    • Supports skin health*
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